Thursday, December 15, 2005

Nip/Tuck: Season Finale and Carver Thoughts

Hey gang, the season finale promo looked awesome and I have no doubt that the show will live up to the hype and leave us wanting more for next year. 
I keep reading a lot about theories based on the promo clip!  The preview for next week's episode says that Julia is having nightmares.

The promos are always cut in a way that gives us the impression of one things and sways us another… Remember the chick in season 1 who pulled a gun on Grace Santiago? Remember the Naomi Gaines episode where we thought we were seeing the Carver's face but were really seeing one of the guys in Gina's gang bang?

With this said, I still stick to my Carver theory about Quentin/Gina.

The Carver has made comments about Brutus and Cassius who I correlate to Sean and Christian.

"They are the Brutus and Cassius of my play; they are the great traitors to my religion. Listen close, both believer and non-believer alike – those two will suffer more deeply and more completely than any others. Those two will see my face and beg it for mercy – of which there will be none. "

Now, we know that Christian is going to suffer when it comes to finding out about Kimber and receiving the bloody package containing the breast implants. I really believe it will hit him hard and that's why he'll go directly to Kit and start questioning EVERYONE!

Now, Sean really hasn’t had anything come up yet other than his attack early on. He was warned already not to interfere but yet continues. This is why I think Julia will be the next victim. I believe that the images in the video might be Julia and I still believe that the last image found was a picture of a baby… It doesn’t matter if it is or isn't really because this is all theory.

What could make Sean suffer more than going after Julia and trying to attack the unborn that really is Sean's baby!

Now, back to reality…

Bobolit...Why is everyone all on Bobolit? In my opinion, he's sort of a goof… kinda clumsy… The only people he attacked were with his Bobotox which he really didn’t even acknowledge his victims. It was the chinese chick that was the vicious one. Bobolit couldn’t even go through with attacking Christian and I really don’t see him having a grudge against Sean. Maybe Christian…. The guy (IMHO) isn't capable of carving people up like that.

Liz...Liz has always been touted as the voice of reason and hasn’t shown a mean bone in her body. Her relationship with Christian is one of small jabs and comments. I really don’t believe there is any hate there at all or else why would she have come back to them after getting shot by Escobar. The only reason she left to go to Julia was to get away from the bickering and the practice that wasn’t making any money. She even said that they couldn’t afford her. The only grudge/motive she might have is not being asked to be a partner.

Escobar...The latest theory in the community is Escobar! I removed him from my polls early on because he wasn’t getting any votes. I might have to put him back on because that's all I hear about these days. He definitely has motive against Christian and Sean but the Carver started out by attacking models. Escobar wanted money and power. He had women everywhere too by the way so why would he all of a sudden want to bang Christian??? I don’t think so!

Ava… will she make an appearance..?? I don't know. She left Adrian for dead so it might be possible. We've seen her in some images and clips but have yet to see her this year so it wouldn’t surprise me if she pops up. Is she a Carver possibility? I guess so. There's no reason to think she might not be… She could be holding a grudge against real women… She could be holding a grudge against men too… We will soon find out.

Ariel...I don’t think Ariel is the Carver either but I do think we will see her again and there will be fireworks. I don’t have any idea what they will do with her so it should be interesting. She very well could play a part in this whole thing.

Ariel's Dad… He's a bit character… That's all I have to say. Unless Ariel is really tied to this whole thing… Forget about it.

Kimber… That one is hard for me to swallow after I am sitting here wishing she were not harmed. It would be a complete 180 to find out she is really the Carver this whole time. I really don’t even want to theorize that it might be her.

Sean… I've read about Sean being delusional and I can kinda see it. I like the creative thinking but I don’t think it will be him because that kinda puts a damper on next season.
Same goes for Julia especially when I think she will still be a victim ;o)

Matt… He's too involved with HS and being a puppy dog to any girl that pays attention to him. I don’t see him as the Carver either… he doesn’t have the sophistication that the Carver has shown. He practically crumbled under the pressure of running Cara over!!

Christian's Dad... We don't even know the guy's name. We don't know if he's dead or alive. The only way the guy would even know Christian is if Kit McGraw tracked him down like she tracked Christian's mom down. If she did track him down, why isn't he in jail for rape. Sorry... Too much of a reach for me.

Julia's Mom... Ok, I believe she is a doctor and we have to assume that wasnt an illusion of her on the couch since everyone seemed to be happy in the last episode. I don't think she would be out on a killing spree at her age. Just putting her on the list so people don't say... hey, what about Julia's mom?! LOL...

Jude... He did appear in the season premiere and he may go both ways. We're not really sure. He did go to the swinger party. However, I dont believe he even knew Julia at the time of Sean's attack. I blogged about the boyfriend she had at the time. It would be pretty ironic if the Carver actually decided to go to college and attend the same class as Julia. He could have potentially picked out victims at the swinger's club. I wouldnt rule Jude out completely. He did seem to want a relationship with Julia that he wasnt able to get.


catfishjohn said...

1 question. Where was Liz during the wedding? They say its the last person you'd suspect: i'd say Liz is probably the last 1 i'd suspect.

Nip/Tuck Fanatic said...

That is a great question and one I dont have an answer for. I dont think she is the last person we would suspect because she's running 3rd behind Quentin (who is dropping) in the Carver identity poll to the right of the page.. ;o)

Anonymous said...

The carver is obviously Gina. She has the motive, has HIV (therefore easy to write out of the show), and most importantly...

she wasn't in the promo trailer when all the other main characters were.

catfishjohn said...

Gina definitely has a motive,but wasn't she sitting by julia during the wedding? I may be wrong,but i think so.Liz for sure knows abt anesthesia and would be able to paralyze people.also with all the surgeries she's assisted in would surely know how to use a knife and know where to carve.I'm not sure its her but it wouldn't surprise me.

Nip/Tuck Fanatic said...

Yes, I forgot to include that in my article… I thought it was very strange that Gina did not appear in the promo… Almost as if she was left out intentionally. I did hear that Gina appears in an extended promo which I have yet to see or confirm.

catfishjohn said...

Also,Gina hasn't been on since Kimber was kidnapped(i think)that's kinda could be the writers messing with us.or Gina very well could be the carver,she does have HIV and could have stolen meds from the dr or hospital to paralyze the victims.I still think Liz makes sense. ????????????????????

Nip/Tuck Fanatic said...

I agree... Gina had plenty of access and is a "disposable" character unlike many of the others.

We've already seen how Matt was able to steal documents and medicine for Ava (tried to at least) so it could be Nurse Linda for all we know! ;o)

catfishjohn said...

also we know nothing about gina or liz's personal life.we don't know where they live,what they do or anything about their personal life.if it is liz,nurse linda could be taking her place.if i remember right didn't liz get upset about not being pretty enough to find a woman? that could be beauty is a curse...she could be attacking people prettier than her.i read on another blog that there is a spoiler that says who the carver is.there were a few people that claim to have seen it.i can't find it,but i won't say who they say it is.i'm still looking to see for myself.

Anonymous said...

The only problem I see with the Gina theory is that she isn't "intelligent" or "cultured" enough to be pulling off these things.

If we are to take the Myspace Carver blogs as true, I can't picture Gina saying or writing anything that "deep".

Chad said...

I would swear on my life... it HAS to be Ava.

niptuckaddict said...

Help me out here - I missed a few episodes, but didn't the in-house psychologist (I forget her name)just kinda disappear? I always thought she was odd, and you could tell she didn't like the way Sean and Christian handled their practice or what it implied: that to be loved, you have to be beautiful. I can totally picture her having a dark side...and who better to be the Carver than a psychologist with a dark side...just my 2 cents.

Anonymous said...

well i think that we can pretty much take arial and her dad out of the runnings. they are raceist. they dont like BLACKS. if you didnt like blacks why would you attack whites? and i dont remember any blacks that were struck by the carver.


Anonymous said...

It is nurse Linda. She will never have a big part because she is actually a nurse in real life. She is the medical director for the show and very easy to get rid of her character. She was also there on the episode where the the fake Carver victim was there and she is someone who is in every episode but no one notices