Saturday, December 03, 2005

Thoughts on Upcoming Nip/Tuck Episode - Sal Perri

New Episode Preview from The Insider Online with a clip from Joely Richardson

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Call me an @ss but I keep seeing the previews and I can't help but think... Does anyone really care about Julia or her mom in this upcoming episode? It seems like there's a lot of hype about this plane going down and previews seem kind of ER'ish with sooooo much drama. C'mon. I'm a FANATIC and I'm even saying... "get real!"

The episode information on FX also says that Sean, Julia, Liz, and Christian will be trying to save lives of surviving passengers... Well, two questions come to mind.. 1) How often are there even survivors from a plane crash and 2) How come Quentin isn't mentioned especially if he is dating Julia. I would think he would rush to help Julia's mother just to rub it in Sean's face.

I just hope this isnt one of those episodes that is sooooo drastically out of place that you can actually afford to miss it and not miss a beat on the show or the existing storylines.

I'm sure part of my disinterest in this episode is because I already can't stand Julia's character. I find myself wishing for bad things to come upon her character. I wonder if Annie will make an appearance this week since it is her grandmother that might have been in the plane... LOL... Yeah right!

Here's my twisted thinking.... Since Annie is not on the show regularly anyway, why not just have her on the plane with Julia's mom. This way they can kill two birds with one stone . I know, warped thinking... but it's always been a pet peeve of mine that Annie is even on the show while never appearing. Why have her character in the first place? Although, the episode where family services comes to look at her was pretty good.

Curious to hear what everyone else thinks... If they do find Julia's mother alive, I hope they bring the weed that she loves :o) puff puff... pass... That would be funny! Warped thinking... I know but its late and I was bored.

Great writeup by Whitney Matheson at Pop Candy


Victoria said...

Don't get me wrong--BIG FAN--but this season is disappointing me with "out-of-character" characters and REALLY far-fetched plot lines. Let's reign it in. P.S. My husband and I agree with you. He says Julia is so unappealing, it seems unbelievable that all these men want her.

Anonymous said...

Every time you see Julia in the first 2 seasons she is crying with her poor sad self. That's what really turned me off to her character! She is sooooo annoying.

Melissa said...

I agree...I am a HUGE fan of N/T. I always look forward to Tuesday nights so much. I will be there tonight, lapping up the N/T action, but from the previews I am sure I will dissapointed. I really could care less about Julia's mom (not much of a Julia fan anymore to begin with...)

I want Christian, sex, action, betrayals, sex, Christian, Kimber, anger, Carver, Sean...I want Nip/Tuck (not E.R.)!!!

Nip/Tuck Fanatic said...

Glad we're all on the same page... Hey, maybe this is the episode that wins them an award and boosts the ratings....

I have no doubt the best is yet to come... just not expecting the shock and awe tonight ;)